Episode 2 – Memories of the Commodore Amiga

Covering my first impressions of the Commodore Amiga as a 14 year old; the single experience that sealed the fate of my poor Atari ST. In this episode I cover the best game and demo soundtracks that were not only impressive back then, but sound as good today as they did some 25+ years ago. Featuring tracks from Red Sector, Phenomena, Budbrain and more.

2 Replies to “Episode 2 – Memories of the Commodore Amiga”

  1. Garry Heather

    Hi Steve,

    Just a quick note as I’ve recently discovered your podcast (thanks to the 2019 Amigathon donor list) and am working my way up from Ep.1. As you can see I haven’t got a long way in just yet but I am enjoying your output so far. I hope the next 5 episodes in my playlist are as good – I think the average running time of approx 35 minutes is probably about right for most people and thumbs up for the general format. I like the idea of a mixture of commercial and demo scene as this may provide a good balance between discovering something “new” and the more familiar tracks.

    Any thoughts on a donate button or a Patreon to help keep the fires burning ?

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback and kind words. I have a feeling you may enjoy The Amiga Remixed, too – which also happens to be my favourite episode so far.

      Thanks for the Patreon suggestion too; it’s something I may think about in the future 🙂

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